Be Prepared for Cold & Flu Season

Learn about hand hygiene and cleaning solutions to help prevent the spread of germs.

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The CDC expects cold and flu season to be worse compared to pre-pandemic levels.*

Percentage of flu infection risk linked to hand-to-face contact1

Percentage of people who will continue frequently washing hands with soap and water post-pandemic2

Percentage of people who believe businesses, schools, and other public locations are maintaining an adequate level of cleanliness in preparation for cold and flu season3

High-Touch Cleaning Guidance Maps 

Now is the time to implement heightened cleaning procedures to help minimize the spread of germs during cold and flu season. Utilize our industry-specific maps that show the high-touch areas in your facility, so you can better understand the areas that need extra cleaning attention. Pick your facility type below to start exploring:




Cold & Flu Sell Sheet

Cold & Flu Prevention
Cold & Flu Prevention

As businesses and schools continue to face COVID-19 along with cold and flu season, it is essential they establish thorough cleaning procedures and implement touch-free solutions to minimize touchpoints. Absenteeism due to illness can be costly to employers, making it important to have solutions in place now.

Clean High-Touch Surfaces

Regularly clean high-touch surfaces using microfiber and commercial cleaning solutions for a safer environment.

Encourage Healthy Hand Hygiene 

Minimize the spread of germs by eliminating contact with high-touch surfaces.

For more information on cold & flu season, review guidelines from regulatory bodies and media outlets, including the below:



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2. American Cleaning Institute, “2021 National Cleaning Survey”

3. American Cleaning Institute, “Survey: Consumers are Confident in Businesses and Retailers with Cleaning Protocols in Place”